Saturday, November 12, 2011


So, here's the latest addition to my wardrobe. :D Of course, it was made by me.~ xD
 I got the fabric from an Etsy store based in Japan. I ordered two designs, two yards each. I just can't resist the charm of these cute fabric!~

Really nice print ^_^
And I remember, it took almost a month before these arrived at my doorstep. >_< I contacted the seller, hoping she could give me a tracking number. She did. She was very cooperative and very accommodating. I feel bad bothering her about it since I chose the non-insured shipping. When the package arrived, I asked the courier why and what happened. He explained the loooong process of sorting out all the mails and parcels in the office. He also said that these kinds of parcels would have to wait for other items to arrive which were to be delivered in the same area as mine. So, I guess that's the way it is. The process and the looong wait can really piss you off. Pffft! I'm really thankful that the seller was really nice and patient with me.

Anyhoo, here's what I came up with...

First time in Pink. xD

Notice the buttons? They're BOWS, too!~

I love making the collars of this dress!~ Quite easy. ^_^

The back part of the skirt. Huge BOW is huge!~ @_@

And the matching accessories!~ Headband, beret and hair/shoe clips! 

BTW, the fabric is made of 100% cotton. Great for humid days. xD

If  I am to rate my experience with this seller, I'd give her 4 stars for the service, the quality of the item, and her patience. I'll definitely purchase from her again and I hope it's soon. ^_^
Here's the link to her shop if in case you are interested to buy some fabric:

I am currently working on the yellow fabric. I hope I can finish my project soon so I can share it here too. ^_^
Thanks for reading!~ ^_^


  1. woah *_* lovely! I'm so amazed with the matching beret too *_* Can't wait to see what you make out of the second fabric!

  2. Thank you, Zeruda! ♥ The beret needs more attention, I think. I was in hurry when I made it, and I feel that it's not perfect. :(

    I'll surely share it here when it's done. ♥

  3. youre so very talented! i wish i owned more like this in my wardrobe!

  4. Oh, dear! Thank you! And thank you for coming down here in my blog. ♥

  5. errrr. talagang nilagay pa yung link. stop tempting meeee. XD


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