Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011

In a few hours, we will say goodbye to the year 2011. I'm freaking excited!~ 

I prepared a note for you, 2011. Here's how it goes:

Dear 2011,

When you came, I somehow felt that you'd give me a different experience. My perspective changed and I knew then that you would make me a stronger person. AND, you didn't fail. You took me to roller coaster ride. You introduced me to new people. Some were productive, some were not, some were positive and again, some were not. Now, I call most of them my friends - although some seemed like they were just passing through. Still, I am grateful for every person who came in and out of my life. I learned from all of them. 

One of the best thing I am grateful of is the time when I met my late father's family. Oh, they were really nice people!~ They welcomed me and my family with open arms and warm hearts. Those moments that made me asked, why only now? But the heavens have its own reasons why, so I stopped searching for answers. What matters most is that we have real connections now and it's never too late to start over. 

On most part, you were stingy. And you like seeing me suffer. The financial difficulties were a little too much to bear. But because we have mouths to feed, I can't just stop and frown and cry. Still, I am grateful because you taught me that I should learn to find ways to make my life, ours, rather, easier. Don't worry, 2011. I will be lazy no more and I will work well with 2012. That's a promise.~ 

Ugh! This note is getting longer, I'd rather stop now. I know I won't be seeing you again, so let me give you a hug. *hugzztight* Thank you soooo much!~ Thank you for all the wonderful memories, people and most of all, the lessons you have taught me. I will carry on and meet your sibling 2012 with arms wide open. I just hope he will like me and treat me nicely. Bye. ♥

Me :D

Happy New Year to everyone!!!~ Be safe!
I'll see you all soon, after all the fuss! *mmmuah!~* ♥

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