Friday, December 23, 2011

What I'd like to do

Two more days and it's Christmas. Then, a few more days before the year would end. I don't know what to say or what to wish for. As of this moment, what I want to do is to reflect. 

2011 may not be as good as the passed years of my life but like I always say, I cannot thank the universe or God for giving me only the BEST things. I want to appreciate those few shaky moments of my life. Those few moments when I felt down and I thought then was not going to end. Those times that I thought that I would not surpassed. I am saying FEW because I refuse to label things or events as BAD or GOOD. All of them happened for a reason. They are the results of my actions. Though, there are things or events that I think that are out of and beyond my control. 

Yes, I am grateful for every bit of these things in my life. When bad things happen, I learn. When good things happen, I feel happy. There's really nothing to frown about, right? Right. :D 

As for Lolita, I might not be as active like I used to be. I will still make some nice clothes but I wouldn't be wearing them as often as I did this year. I need to revamp my closet. Hmmm... It sounds like I have to sell some stuffs to make room for new ones. What's with the sudden change of mind? Oh, well... You may want to read again my last entry. This could be temporary or maybe not. I don't know and I am not sure yet. Growing old? You can always say that, the hell I care. ^_^ HAHAHAHA 

As for this blog, of course things will stay as it is. I will still share things that I feel like sharing, Lolita or Non-Lolita. But I guess I would focus more on crafting (I hope) ^_^ and more on the real stuffs that I do. I just hope that you would still be there to read me. ♥

OH~ By the way, I want to share this here...
The ordinary me.
Taken after one of my son's performances on stage with his group. Such a proud mom I am. ^_^

Sorry, I have to cover my face. *hurp*derp*
All of them were thrifted except for the tights. xDDD

Just some lucky find... :D
Perhaps, ^THIS will be something that I want to do more often on this blog. Oh, please bear with me for I might not be as good when it comes to this. I love, love, love thrift shopping! It's like treasure hunting and it is very exciting!~  Maybe on my posts to come, I will share more nice stuffs that I got from the thrift stores. I still got a load of things that I need to write about. All I need is more time. :D 

I guess, that would be all for now. I've got to get a power nap. Tomorrow, the preparation for the Christmas feast will start. I'll see you around!~  ♥ myspace graphic comments


  1. I really would like reading about crafts and thrift shopping as I'm always broke and I love to create things!!! *_*
    I love your shoes!

  2. Aaaw... I have a lot to post after all these holiday fuss! I hope you'll come back here. Thanks ♥


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