Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cleaning up...

I am currently trying to clean up my closet and get rid of the things I do not use anymore. I've been planning to do this for soo long but procrastination took over my whole being and you know the rest of the story. *sigh*
One good thing about tidying up your space is being able to find the things that have been missing or at least you thought was missing. Like these:

My falsies...
I found them in the deepest part of my closet. How did that happen? Ugh! I don't know... I almost forgot about these because I don't use them that often. I don't know how to put them on. I think putting these on is a great skill and requires a lot of patience. I don't have both. >_< But I am thinking real hard if I should just sell them away or keep them. Except for the lace falsies because they were gifts from my dear friend, Jaja. 
And aside from that, I luuurrrve how it looks.

I could use this in one of the shoots in the near future... xD
They remind me of Paperself Falsies. Of course, theirs are better.  


Click the photo to view the source.
Oh, how I wish I could buy just one.~ 

But because I have a plan to save for something special this year, I guess I can't. :( That's sad, I know... Well, maybe I could get one for that very special event. Not a bad idea but not so soon, darlings. ♥

Okaaay... So much for chit-chats. I must go back to my clean up project. By the way, I'll be posting some of my items for sale in our collab shop, the Labyrinth Garden. I will announce the date soon, too. 


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