Thursday, January 5, 2012

Light and Hope and more Love from me...

Lighting a candle in every occasion is a common practice in our family. Even those moments when I feel down or alone, I light one candle and watch its glow, say my prayers and I feel peaceful. There is something spiritual about it that I could not explain. 

During the New Year's Eve, me and my cousin decided to light our prosperity candles at the same time and see what will happen. It  is believed that the candle that melts the quickest will signify the most bountiful blessings that you will have. Prosperity candles consist of 7 different colored candles, each signifies something. 
Green - Wealth
Red - Love
Pink - Health
Yellow - Harmony
Blue - Peace
Peach -Long Life
White - Purity

My candles are in the rectangular plate, while the round one is my cousin's.

Open this in a new tab to zoom.
We almost didn't want to go out and watch the fireworks display because we wanted to see what will happen to the candles and make sure that it won't cause any accident. We must be very cautious, you know. We were very curious on which one would melt the quickest. And to our surprise, most of my candles have melted down, except for the GREEN one. While hers, the RED one. Now, can you imagine the look on our faces? Hahaha :D

I admit, it made me kinda upset to see my green candle not being able to melt faster than the others. 2011 was a tough year for me and hubby. But I don't want to ruin my New Year just because I saw something like that. As for my cousin, she kept asking why her love candle didn't burn out immediately. She was having a shaky relationship with her husband at this time, so I can't blame her. Then again, I can only hope for the best. That's all I can do. Because I guess, every new year's message is hope. 

And maybe it is the reason why I wore this necklace... :D
We tried to move on and not missed the fireworks. The table awaited us too... We really had a bountiful feast. Something to be grateful for, right? 

And yes, I may sound weird but I will try these candles again on my birthday. It was fun!~ Or maybe I should do this again on the eve of the Chinese New Year. ^_^ Yes, we celebrate that too because my family is of Chinese lineage. And that's another story... 

For 2012 and for my readers...

Maybe this is the first time I am sharing a part of my personal life. In this photo is me and my 11 year old daughter. She's my future fashionista, I guess... ^_^ Though, not showing much in this photo but in time, you'll see. 

Goofy-faced me >_< 
Believe it or not, I was wearing her creepers. Pffft!~ 

There might be some changes on this blog and in me this year. Major changes. LOL~ I do that all the time. >_<  I am in the process of healing/recovering and forgetting all the sh*t I've experienced from my past stalkers. I hope, I'd be fine soon. ♥

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