Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Paper bags to something else

Papemelroti is one of my favorite novelty shop since my high school days. As a matter of fact, some of the items in this old photo of my past Papemelroti collection are still in my possession.

Lots of brown paper products = lots of smile ♥
They have a wide selection of Eco-Friendly products and most of their stuffs are reasonably priced. I like their brown colored papers! I don't know why but I feel like time travelling whenever I see one... >_< 

Anyway, I was in a crafting mood yesterday. I decided to stay away from the PC for a while and do something productive. So, I dug up my craft compartment (right under my closet) and I found this:

A very old paper bag/wrapper from Papemelroti...
And this:

Perfume Sampler carton holder
YES! Believe it or not, I keep and collect these kinds of stuffs. Do they seem useless to you? To me, they're valuable! I know I could use them one day and besides, I find them too pretty to throw away.~ ^_^

Using just plain scissors, I cut the paper bag into small square pieces.

Easy peasy~
Pile them up and staple them altogether to the perfume sampler holder. Almost done... 

No stapling skills necessary xDDD
To make it more personalized and cuter, I took out my stamp set (which I also bought from Papemelroti), and pressed on to the pages. It was fun! ^_^ I might get addicted to stamping too! 

I must get more stamp sets from them. Their designs are really cute! ♥
Now, I have a new memo/note/scratch pad that I can use whenever I need to right down something, either a grocery list or a phone number. :)

I'm sure you can make your own too. Even better! Just be creative. ♥

(Watch out for my next posts because this project is just a part of it.)

Thanks for reading!~

NOTE: I do not own this project as my original idea. I have found similar recycling projects in the web. This is just my own version.  


  1. What a great idea!!! So smart, ecological and cute! *_*

  2. @Ms. Piperita

    Thanks! I'm glad you liked it! ♥

  3. What a simple project! I too am a hopeless bag collector...I love cute novelty store bags!

  4. @Ms. Gellie

    ^_^ Thank you! Hey, I checked out your blog. It's awesome! Followed you! ♥

  5. Hi, Ms. Cupcake! ^_^ Thanks! I won't complain if I am to make more! I still have lots of paper bags here and I'm starting to make some more! ♥

  6. This project is indeed a very useful one. This will save money and help our environment all at the same time. Now, we cannot only reuse those paper bags, we can also recycle them in a much creative way. biodegradable plastic bags


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