Thursday, March 1, 2012


Words that keeps running in my thoughts as of the moment...

* Excited
* Happy
* Anxious
* Annoyed
* Eyesore
* Agitated
* Bleed
* Sorry
* Empathy
* Sucks!
* Fake?
* No.
* Read
* Love
* Hungry
* Accused
* Condemned
* Breathe
* Break free
* Home
* Peace

~ ♥ ~

Have you ever felt like this before?
You can't find the right words to say and you just write/type down your feelings? 

Oh! Please don't get me wrong. I am not in a bad mood today.
I just feel like writing them down. :)


  1. yay for words!!! yes sometimes writing words makes me feel ever so much better. EXPRESS YOURSELF IT IS OK.. I will laugh or cry with you.(just don't cuss, cause it isn't NICE :)

  2. thank you!~ at least someone understands the message between these words. :) yeah, I hate cussing too. ^_^

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I do not curse... Unless you forced me to. So please be nice. :)

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