Friday, March 2, 2012

One Kitty Left...

Unfortunate and sad news... 

3 out of 4 of my kittens died recently. The first one died of infection, I guess... I was not able to take it to the vet. :( The other 2 was attacked by a huge tom cat from the neighbor. Everything happened so fast! When we ran off to see what was happening, we saw 2 dead kitties lying on the ground. It was a gruesome sight. :( Now, we couldn't find the bad cat! :( And all that was left is this little poor thing...

We haven't name him yet. He will be adopted by my sister's friend this summer. By then, he's really ready to be separated from his mom. :) 

It's better that way.
We can't have too many pets here at home. If we insist, they might starve. :(
One day, I will take pictures of all the pets that we have here, so I can show them to you. You will be amazed. :))

Off now. I will be back later. ^_^


  1. That's why I never let any of my kittens outside. I know they're too small to really defend themselves.

    Still, sorry to hear about the kittens. I would be devastated. :(

    1. Thanks, dear... We can't keep them inside the house because we already have a dog. My cat (Sakura), was never comfortable around dogs. We tried once to let her and her kitty in the house, but she carried it back outside. :( *sigh*


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