Thursday, March 8, 2012

Busy life outside the frills

Just recently, I was invited by my former sewing instructor to give a speech for the graduation ceremony of the Livelihood Training Center here in our place. A short and simple speech that will inspire the graduates to utilize what they have learned through this program. I was given a week time to prepare. But since I love cramming, I've spent the whole night before the date writing down my speech. Thank goodness! Everything went well and I survived the event! HAH! xD

Candid indeed! *derp*

FYI, I learned basic sewing through this program being offered by our municipality. When I decided that I want to learn how to sew, I've searched for schools that offers the said course but it seems that none of them would fit my budget. So, I end up enlisting myself and have completed two modules of the said course. In my opinion, it's just a matter of deciding where you want to specialize. I never intend to sew for a living. It's just a hobby. Out of a whim and all for the love of frilly things. Later on, I realized that I can make a lot of things to sell, but not dresses. I can only make one for myself or for my daughters. Sorry about that. :) And yeah, this sounds like I am a cheapskate but... SO WHAT??? I am just being practical. *wink*


Moving on, I was invited again a few days later, to support their Culminating Activities. I am really honored to be a part of this activity. I didn't do much, though. I just helped them set up the booths and that's it.
The theme, by the way was a wedding celebration. Since the livelihood training center offers several courses (dressmaking, candle making, home and restaurant services, massage therapy, baking and food processing, bead works, flower arrangement, soap making, arts and handicrafts, recycled crafts, cosmetology), all of them have put together all the ideas, products and services to those who are planning to use the skills they have acquired from this program or even to couples who plans on having a wedding on a budget.


I have witnessed how the students and trainers have worked together, very hard, just to make this event as entertaining, vivid and edifying as possible for everyone present.
Here are some of the snaps I took during the event.

Trainers and trainees at work
Students from the different courses (Food Processing, Baking and Hotel and Restaurant Services) busied themselves praparing prior to the event. The Massage Therapy Class have set up free massage corner outside the venue. How I want to take advantage of this free massage offer but I was really shy.  The Soap Making booth, up and ready for the cam. ^_^
Soaps and Beaded Accessories
Some of the products display by the Arts and Crafts, Recycled Crafts, Beadworks and Soap making class. 
I really feel bad not being able to take photos of the booth that was set up by the Dressmaking Class. They made a really nice photo booth for this event. These are some of their creations. :)
Flower Arrangements, Table centerpieces
Amazing table centerpiece and bouquets contributed by the Flower Arrangement Class. I fell in love with the table centerpiece and how the wine bottle was wrapped using real leaves. Great ideas everywhere!
Table Arrangements
Each display table has its own unique flower centerpieces, various soaps and candles and souvenir baskets made from recycled materials filled with soap, hand sanitizers, body wash, etc. 
Fruit Table Centerpiece and Buffet table
This really made me say "WOW!' The fruit and vegetable centerpiece arranged by the trainer of Flower Arrangement Class. Don't you find it lovely? :) And the buffet table being readied by the Hotel and Restaurant Services Class. I just can't wait for lunch time, seeing those food and desserts. *omnomnomnom*
Some more snaps... Geez!~ Those souvenir basket filled with goodies were raffled off at the later part of the event. I wasn't lucky enough to get one. *pouts*
Livelihood Dept Head, Ms. Lita Gawaran
The Head of Livelihood Training Center, Ms. Lita Fabian-Gawaran, giving a speech. I can tell how delighted she was upon seeing the effort of the trainers and students. 
Mayor Revilla
Finally, Mayor Strike Revilla arrived at the venue to grace the event. :)
Mayor Revilla 
He checked out each booth and he's quite amazed by the product display. 
Mock Wedding
These are the "mock" wedding photos. Those dresses were sponsored by the Dressmaking Class and the hair and makeup was done by the Cosmetology Class. I tried to take photos of the Cosmetology Class while they're working on the makeup and hair do's of the girls but they were all over that small corner. And I just couldn't find the right spot to take pics. :(  Great job, though!~ ^_^
Mayor Revilla
Mayor Revilla
Mayor Strike Revilla on his speech...
Livelihood Training Center, Trainers with Mayor Revilla
The Livelihood Training Center Trainers with Mayor Strike, Ms. Lita and guests.
I know I missed on some minor (or major) details of the event. I could have taken more and more photos but some people were too shy to face my cam. I don't know why... :( I saw them running away whenever I try to point my cam on them or on something. Geez!~ I don't know if I should be annoyed or just laugh at it. :] But since that speech thing, I gained more acquaintances. That's the happy part! =D At the end of the program, though the trainers and students were tired, efforts were paid off because the mayor and everyone else were impressed. This spells success!~ :)
Now, I can't find words to praise the people behind this event. From the trainers down to the staffs, everyone have worked really hard. I do hope good things will come to them. :) Y'know what I mean! XD

While I was writing this post, I can't help but feel worried. I am afraid of the impression that this might create. But what the heck?! I believe that I should share these things to give awareness and somehow encourage my fellow citizens to see what is really happening around. It's really funny when most of the people I know (within the neighborhood) doesn't know that there are programs like this in our place. I can't blame them, though. Sometimes, we weren't given enough information about things and such or on what's really going on. This place is quite huge. With lots and lots of people living in this town, sending out information could really be a hard thing to do. If only I could attend each event that we have here, I would and why not? Too bad that I have a limited time for everything. However, I find working within my own community is rewarding too. I do love getting involved and participating on these kinds of activities. I don't get paid but I still feel fulfilled in some ways. *wink*

Oh, well!~ This is getting long... I'll see you around! ^_^ *big hugz*


  1. everything looks so pretty :)

  2. It looks like fun! All the crafts and dresses look great!

    1. Yes, it was fun and exhausting but I was happy being a part of this small presentation. :)) I really wish they'd have more of activities like this in the future. ^_^

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    1. Thank you, baby!~ That's the reason why I'm not always online recently... :) ILYSM, dear!~ <3


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