Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sugar and Love

Strawberry and Sugar Solid Body Scrub 
This is my first take on making my own body scrub out of sugar, olive oil and strawberry scent. ^_^ 
It's easy!~ I never thought of that... :)

This is a very addicting hobby but expensive too!~ I only used olive oil for this. I always thought that olive oil is the most expensive oil I could find. But I was soo wrong! >_< Oh, well! I must save up for the expensive oils that I want to buy. 

Soon, I will share the How-To's for this simple project. Please bear with me. I must take a picture for each step too... 

Please stay tuned. :) Meanwhile, let me enjoy my sweet concoction. Weeeeeee!~ ^_^


  1. and u don't need any kind of soap for this???

    looks nice!! <3

    1. You may use it without soap since I used a little amount of Glycerin to make this solid. But I think it's still best if you'll use it before/after you wash with your favorite soap. :)

      My Aunt tried this and some of her blemishes were scrubbed off and she didn't complain about having dry skin after using it. :)


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