Monday, March 19, 2012


Hey, everyone!~ It's a nice Monday morning out here! :) I am sitting in our dining area right now with an open window behind me. The wind is blowing gently and I can hear the birds chirping too!~ This is, so far, the most quiet place in the house. Though, I can hear the hens clucking outside and the dogs barking at I don't know what, It didn't ruin the good vibes of this beautiful Monday morning. ^_^

I just came by to share a few snaps of what I did last week. 
Since we can't use plastic and styrofoam here in our place, the Livelihood Program have started a new project which is the Bayong Making Class. 
Bayong is a bag or sack made from woven Buri palm leaves, really sturdy especially when you use it for wet market shopping. :) Good thing is - it is reusable. ^_^ 
I was taught how to make one last week. And I think I did good as a first timer. Hee-hee-hee!~ I wasn't able to take a pic of my first bayong because I didn't bring my camera along that day. *pouts*
Anyway, here are some of the pics...

Bayong Making in  Bacoor, Cavite
It was fun making a bayong!~ I finished mine in less than 2 hours. Not bad, eh? :] 

I also made my first soap using lemon zest and steeped green tea and olive oil. Yay!~

Done!~ Now, I have to wait for a month before I could use it. :)
 I finished making this batch with the help of my daughter. She's so enthusiastic in anything related to craft, just like me. :) 

I also used strawberry vanilla scent for this soap. I want my soap to be mildly scented and as natural as possible. One good thing about making your own soap is you would be able to customize it according to your skin's needs plus the scent. Even the shape!~ :) 

I think I'll be making more. Great gift idea for Christmas this year, don't you think? ^_^

 So... How was your weekend? :)


  1. You and yours are doing great things. The pics made me smile. Thank you for showing. Oh yes I do so want some of the Lemon and Green Tea soap. Keep up the good works... Alabama :)

    1. Next time I will post a tutorial for this one. ^_^ thanks for dropping by!~ :)

  2. Really creative, bb~ <3 I'll try to find DIY soap tutorials as well para 'di na magastos haha~

    1. wiiiii!~ Thanks, dear! :3 But I think, mas magastos pag gumawa. hahaha xDDD Ubos ang budget ko lagi kakabili ng olive oil. hrrrrr!~

  3. omg, i love the bags!!! they must be great for grocery shopping!!!
    i'm kinda addicted to reusable shopping bags... but i guess it's a good addiction, right? hehehe

    1. Oh, yes it is!~ :) And I am glad that we share the same addiction! Hahaha :D I've got a lot of reusable bags here and I am still wanting to make my own! >_< Oh well!~


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