Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The littlest of things

Uh-oh!~ I've been dealing with sinusitis for 4 days now... I really hate it! Why does it have to attack when I am in the middle of something? We are currently cleaning up the house and readying it for re-painting and I can't even help. It will only trigger allergic rhinitis which will only make things worst! I feel so sick like an imbecile!!! Gaaaaah!!! 
I soo wanted to craft a bit or at least make a batch of soap and lip balms for my project but meeeh! I can't stand the scented oils that I have. F*ck my life! 

I really wish this would go away... I'm dying to decoupage this rack.

*u* Did you see that? /Metalllica cassette tape/ *old school* xDDD 
 When mom arrived, she brought 2 jars of Mod Podge and a set of decoupage brush for me. I yay'd really hard! It's not easy to find products like this here. Yeah, I'm serious! And if there's any, they are almost always unavailable or would be truly expensive. So, thanks to my mom for giving me many nice things like this! :) I know I'm old and that I should get one for myself but... How could I resist free things? I'm only human! LOL!

I also bought some new materials for my soap making  addiction, just last week.

Digital Kitchen Scale in grams an ounce plus 2 cutters
I've been looking for a scale like this because most soap recipes requires measurements in ounces and grams. Most online shops sell these for $10 and up but I only got mine for around $7. :) Not bad. 
Also those soap cutters aren't that pricey as I expected them to be. Hee-hee! They aren't really soap cutters. I just found them on baking supplies store. :) It'll work, don't fret. 

And meet my new amigo!~

He kinda look like the guy in Pringles???  LOL.
A grass head! I found one from the pits of Divi! Congratulate me! xDDD
I intend to share this with my daughter so she can appreciate how plants grow and how fast they could. But I think she's not into it... *sigh* Anyway, it would be fun to see all the grass grow and by then I could cut and style it the way I want. 

Lastly, I made another batch of soap. I used glycerin and oils and honey and carrot and tea with a hint of blueberry vanilla fragrance. How do you like that? :)

carrot and tea goodness!
This is the first time I tried using melt and pour base (glycerin) on a soap. It is easier to handle but I think I overdone putting oils on it. So, yeah!~ Learning from it! xDDD I gave some to my friends and they said that it didn't lather that much (b-b-but that's glycerin *squint*) but they said they looove the smell and the moisture it gave on their skin. That's +1 for me! Next time when I'm feeling better, I'll make new batch with oatmeal and milk. Skin's breakfast! *wink*

I think I talked too much... meeeh! Gotta get back to bed!~ I'll see you around, folks! *hugz*


  1. awesome rack! i love projects like those! Wish I had one myself! Can't wait to see your result :)

    1. I'm still thinking of what I should do with the rack... And Yay!~ Thanks for coming down here! ♥ *hugz*

  2. It's hard to find Mod Podge here too! For a reasonable price, that is. I always have to order it haha. Your mini soaps are so cute!

    1. That's true! My mom said she got those a bit pricey too. :)

      Thanks! I'm glad you liked the soap! ^_^ I've given away most of the small bars to my cousins and friends. :)


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