Monday, April 2, 2012

How can I not love you?

I know it's been a very long time since I last dressed up in Lolita. Lately, it is indeed odd, but I feel half of me is losing it and half of me is holding on. And since I had my hair trimmed short, I told myself I should rest from it for a while. 

But these past few days, I began to browse and look up again for inspiration. Sometimes, I find some interesting posts on Tumblr or anywhere else about the latest Lolita designs and it made me yearn to dress up or at least make something for myself. I still have tons of fabric here. Maybe I could start sewing again or at least finish some of my previous projects. 

Aaaand these are just some of the pieces that I am drooling over... By the way, they may not be new, but I find them inspiring. Something that I could pull off... *maybe*

So summer for me... I love the print and it is something that I could wear in our kind of weather. (Click the photo to view the source.)
Here's another two lovely pieces from Juliette et Justine...

Le camée de la rose (Click the photo to view the source)

Baiser de l'ange (Click the photo to view the source)
They may not be as Loli-ish as others would think. But for my age, I think I couldn't pull off too many frills and ruffles like most younger girls could. I'd go for the Classic look this time. More appropriate for me and for this hot weather. 

Now, here comes the *itch* again... I need to sew, soon!~ 

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