Sunday, May 27, 2012

Coffee for skin? Yes!~

For Coffee-holics...

Solid Body Scrubs I made few weeks ago :)
This solid sugar body scrubs contains ground coffee and Epsom salt plus olive oil and Vitamin E.
What I really love about solid scrubs is that it effectively removes dead skin and dirt and leaves your skin soft. :)
I used coffee and vanilla scent for this and OOOH YEAH!~  They smell so delicious!~ Most of my friends thought it was a bar of coffee candy. xD Good thing no one dared to put it in their mouth. xD 

Gotta make some more of this as soon as possible. And oh, I wanna try combining CP soap and MP soap and see if it will work. :)  Hmmmm... Coffee and Milk and Oats? :)  YES!~


  1. Oh please share how you made this!!PLEASE!!!

    1. Sure, dear!~ On a separate post. :)


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