Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lady Gaga BTW Ball + + +

Sooooo!~ It's been a while since my last post here. I feel so sorry for not being able to update. And yeah, I would have to admit that aside from the fact that I should finish many things --- I am procrastinating. Now, I am telling myself that I should get back to my old routine. Also, now I have to manage my time well since I started going to the gym for my weight training including aerobics. Geeesh!~ 

Well, anyway, last night was one of the most >awesomest< night I've had! My son and I attended LadyGaga's BTW Ball, Manila leg. Yesterday was his birthday. :) When he learned about the news of the Mother Monster's concert here, he started saving up for his ticket. We bought 2 general admission tickets just so I could accompany him. :)

I think I should shut up now and let the photos do the talking, right?

No, I not an avid fan of hers and yes, I like some of her songs. But when issues arose prior to her concert date, I felt kinda bad for her. I mean, the protests and all the threats were just too much to take for a woman like her. Being accused of so many things just because she's being herself. That's really too much! Or it could be that a lot of people just don't understand what a shock artist really does. I don't know much about it too, but I appreciate arts, creativity including fashion and music that are too eccentric for one's taste.
Besides, I wouldn't allow my son to listen to her songs and watch her videos if I'm negative about her. It's just that I am always there to explain why LG is like that and he's just too smart to understand and pick up the good things and leave all the bad. I've said this before, I don't like HATING and it's siblings. I wouldn't want my kids to hate one thing just because they want to. And I'm glad, all of them are very appreciative of the nice things around and smart enough to avoid the ones that are not good.

Well, I hope I wouldn't get those hate comments now. Just because I allowed my son to watch her. I have seen smaller kids around the age of 7 during the concert. Soooo, that means I should be glad that I am not alone in this. :)

Anyway, thank you, Mother Monster for coming down here... You've made a loooot of people happy!~
Including us!~ :)


  1. Seriously, there's been so much negativity about her in the news recently. I feel bad for her too.
    Happy Birthday to your son!

    Also, sorry I haven't been around for a long time. I guess I can't blog much during school time, but it's summer now.

    1. Thank you, Mari!~ I'm glad you're back! xD

  2. I missed ya, glad you are back.. I love LG and all that she stands for.. I am proud of you for taking your son. Truly if more people like you ran the world there would be a lot less hate(ers)!! I am glad to breath the same air as you. Have a great day my fellow Monster. :)

    1. Aaaw.. Thanks, monster friend!~ Actually, I wasn't a fan until after that night. Now, everything about her seems to affect me including write ups. haha Well, maybe, that's just part of the hangover xDDD

      It's just too embarrassing that some people thinks she's a devil worshiper, etc... It's annoying! I mean, if one have strong faith, why would they allow LG to change it? UGH!

  3. There is so much more to hate in the Philippines like poverty, garbage disposal, crimes etc and i dont get why people would rather divert their hate into something that is not even of harm..

    I think it's time for everyone to agree Tricia G... "Philippines is not THAT fashion forward.." and it's all because of the people who would rather stuck themselves within the crumbles and refuse to move forward..

    1. AMEN to that!~ People are easily butthurt and uto-uto! Kakaasar!~ Nakakainsulto ng katalinuhan. xDDD

  4. Yes, it is my Vacation!
    And Thank You for the good wishes!
    I'm excited because I've been working on some DIY to post!


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