Thursday, November 15, 2012



and many other things like dish washing, running errands, talking to different suppliers, kids' school issues, show business, friends, wifey duties — are just SOME of the things that's keeping me BUSY. 
GAHD!~ I'M SO BUSY!~ BUT... BUT... I am enjoying every moment of it!~ xD

And yes, I am now showing up my SHOP link on this blog. xD In my shop you'll see OOAK handmade and imported accessories and all of them are on-hand/ready to ship. I post new stocks almost every week. :) 

My kids and I are sharing duties and responsibilities in handling that page. I am slowly teaching them how to handle a small business and training them to deal with different kinds of people. :) And I guess, they are both enjoying their part. My eldest, takes the orders while my middle child prepares everything. :) 

Here are some of what we have in the shop...

Spike-y and sweet headband :)
Derpina Set :)
Spike Bracelet/Cuff
Lace pattern cuff
Skull quartet earrings ♥
Bestseller~ Ear Cuff w/ Side comb
If you're interested, please swing by our shop on Facebook and hit the "LIKE" button and make sure to add us to your Interest list, so you'll never miss an update from us. 
And I assure you that our prices are way lower than the others. :) 

As of the moment, we cannot offer international shipping. I still have to check the prices and the transit time of the different couriers here and make sure that the items will arrive safely and on time. 

I am also thinking of hosting a giveaway anytime soon. Please stay tuned for future updates.

See yah~ ♥


  1. wow, cool! Must be a great experience for your kid to be a part of it too! :)

  2. Wow! I'm so excited for you! That's really good training for your kids! Don't get too stressed!


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