Saturday, December 29, 2012

A quick round up

I know, everyone's been busy with the holidays. Same here!~ 
Though, in reality, I have no scheduled appointments or things-to-do listed on my journal. I am just busy being lazy. And most of the things I do lately are just random things. Dates with girlfriends, shopping with kids, my shop, everything is just out of randomness. Pardon me, but I am going to abuse the word "random" this time. 

So yeah, I had a date with my younger girlfriends whom I love to call my "daughters"...

Photo grabbed from Justine ♥
Go head over to her blog and you'll see how much fun we had. :)

Other RANDOM things I got before and during Christmas were:

been eyeing this CD for like ages and finally got the chance to get it for myself. 
a pair of flats with spikes from hubby and those tights I got from Prima Lureme Shop
Yes, it's a Kobo book reader but it's not. It is installed in my GT- P5110
Sorry about the last photo. It's just too awkward for me to post the actual pic. xD 

What else??? Uuuuhmmm...
Yeah!~ An outfit post. :)

*blurry and derpy* 
I decided to put on something random again. :( 
Oversized shirt from a thrift store, skelly tights, a beret, spike-y flats and some accessories. I don't feel like dressing up lately. It's either I'm too tired or just too lazy. I HAZ NO ENERGY! But that doesn't mean that I'm not happy. LOL. Please don't get me wrong. All these things are too overwhelming and I am forever thankful for all the blessings I and my family have received. I couldn't ask for anything more. 

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!~ ♥

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