Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A favor for a friend

We did some head shots for my friend's portfolio who happens to be a makeup artist. He invited us over to his place and started right away because it was raining so bad. We wanted natural source of light and yeah, it didn't happen. Bleh! :p 

Anyway, I will only be sharing a few photos here because I promised not to divulge too much about this shoot. These are RAW photos, btw. :) 


 The mask hair accessory was designed by *eherm* ME! ^_^ 
Now available for sale in our shop Labyrinth Garden
It's been quite a while since I made something really special. :) This mask fascinator is hand painted and I added the skull cameo that I have and that's been kept in my stash for a very loOong time. I might be making more soon since I enjoyed making this. And I might be posting them in my Etsy shop. Oh, well.. Too many plans but soo little time. >_< 

OH!~ If not for this shoot, I wouldn't know how my hair really looks like. >_<

They started calling me Rainbow Brite. tsss!
Right now, my hair is turning pink and I don't know if I like it that way. I might re-color it before the PGLC Anniversary on the 29th of October. So yeah, I'll see you later again. Gotta work on what to wear for that event.  ♥


  1. Your hair is really cool *O*
    I like the fascinator too :D


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