Friday, October 28, 2011

Sewn a little. Dyed a lot.

Did I say DYE? 
Yes, thank you very much! I just did! And now, I can't leave the house without my hat on. Pfffft! 
I asked for a purple/lavender hair dye but it wasn't that successful. Though I like the result of my current hair shade, I still feel alienated because of that. I wonder why do people give you such rude stares when you have a veeery different hair color? DUH-UH??? Some even tried to make fun of my hair. Awful feeling is awful. -_-* One acquaintance of mine asked what did I do to my hair, obviously insinuating something else. I answered, "I'm trying to ruin it." And she said, "Oh yeah? Give me scissor then. Haha.." 


I reminded myself again that rebuttal or even a nice explanation would be useless and time consuming.  Especially with stupid/ignorant people. What? Should I explain to them how all these have started and fill them with information that might make their brains explode? No way! Anyhoo, I am half used to being laughed at. They don't like me. So why waste my time making them like me? Right? Yes, thank you very much! 

On another note, PGLC's 2nd Anniversary is on Saturday and I am cramming (seriously) to finish my dress. As of now, I am 75% done. Just a little more push and it's all good. 

My sister took these photos while I was all consumed on my sewing.
Pardon my covered face. Derpy-derp it is. xD and yeah. TEH HAIR! 
I was working on the collar at that time. Now, that part is also done. I just have to attach the zippers and some other details of my dress. That's what I'm going to wear on Saturday. It's going to be my first time to wear pinkXblack. I'm nervous. Haha. xD

And THIS. 
The bow that I made as part of the details of my dress.
 This bow took me almost an hour to make. I think you can see why. However, I enjoyed doing it!~ I really feel a bit sad because the lace that I used is of limited quantity. If I had a lot, I could use it on the hemline of my dress. Aaaaaw... :[ 

*sigh* I can't wait for Saturday! I wish everything will be in order on that day. Will flood you with photos right after the event. I'm sure it'll be fun! I'll see you soon... ♥


  1. The bow looks gorgeous!! Good luck on Saturday! I'm sorry to hear about people's rude comments on your hair, though. :(

  2. Thank you, dear! ♥ Still trying to get used to the stares and such comments... Pretty annoying at times. But, yeah! What can we expect? I'll just let them have fun. haha xDDD

  3. Pink and black is one of my favorite color combinations! That bow and lace are beautiful. Too bad there isn't more of it D:

    Do we get to see some coordinate posts <3

  4. aaaaw... Thank you for swinging by my blog! I'm glad that you liked the bow... ♥ I will post the coord soon. I'm just finishing my post. :3

  5. aaaw. Thanks dear Miss Piperita... ♥


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