Thursday, November 3, 2011

The PGLC 2nd Anniversary

I'm late! I'm late!

Those were the words running in my thoughts while I was in the cab on my way to the venue of the event. There were heavy traffic, the scorching heat of the afternoon sun and many other things along the way. It was freaking annoying that I have to go through all those things. And I just realized that I was 15 miles away from home. GAAAAH! @_@ 

BUT, I must be there. 

Good thing, I went off alone. I don't think I can tolerate a whining companion. 

As soon as I land there, imagine this: All of the girls were smiling and hugging me and saying, "Mummeh, you made it!" and "You're here! Oooh, I love your hair!" and all I could say was:
"F*ck this place."

So soooorry!~ I was really tired and all. I'm so mean. >_< Thank you, girls, for being so understanding. ♥

Anyway, to cut things short, the day went well. It was a lot of fun! Though some of my dearest girls weren't there. : ( 
Everything still worked out fine. PLUS, we met some new addition to our growing family. ♥ Much, much luurrrve, eh?  

So, yeah.. Feast your eyes with these photos! 

She's my favorite girl of the day! She made that dress by herself. How talented!~ ♥

Sisters, Therjie and Jane ---> always present in our events. And Liac. My! Effortlessly pretty!

Kleng and Rae

There goes Liac again with the maids at Meidolls Cafe.
Ger and Jes ♥

Ysai, Jane and >_< ♥

Change places? ♥
Us, while playing some silly and fun game. xDDD
And of course, a group shot!~

Yes, I know, I kinda look like Nikki Minaj. >.< That's what they were all saying. Well, I didn't mean to imitate her hair or what. I told you, my hair's supposed to be purple but it wasn't successful. After so many washes, it turned pink. >.< Which I don't really like. So, I'm going to change it as soon as I'm back on my normal routine again. :3

To my girls, thank you! Both you who were there and those who didn't make it. It's just fine. We can still catch up on our next tea party. And that is going to be soon, right? I really wish to see all of you and hug you and chat with you. xDDD ♥

Happy 2nd year to us! More years to come! Cheers! ♥

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