Saturday, November 5, 2011

NO trick or treatin'. Only PARTEEEH!

Since the kids were infested with chickenpox during the Hallow's Eve, my sister decided to throw a party here at home for them. They can't go trick or treating around our village with rashes all over their body, soo it's just safe to do it here. I witnessed my sister's dedication in making this party fun and really wonderful. From the decorations to the food and drink and loot bags, she made them all! Isn't she wonderful, too??? ♥  

These photos will tell more!


Those wall decors that were lovingly crafted by sissy. Oh! That's me in my pinkest hair! Pffft!

Food on the table. Fit for Halloween! ^_^

omnomnomnom ♥ click to view~

Even Roca joined in the fun ♥

That's me and my Baby Zombie!~ ♥
Oh, well! Though it was really exhausting, I bet the kids had a lot of fun. They've kinda forgotten the pox for a while. xDDD 

Thanks to my sissy for making it happen. ♥ 

Hope you all had Halloween fun, too! ^_^


  1. looks so fun and yunmmy! what a great amount of food! i can't believe you made it all! ^^

  2. Sorry to hear that your kids had chicken pox D; are they okay now? I haven't paid your blog a visit in a while, cheers for pink hair! :D Your hair looks awesome!

  3. Hi, Zeruda!~ ^^ Thanks for dropping by! The food were cooked/baked by my sister. After that party, she was dead tired until the next day. ^_^

  4. Hey there, Ms. Meoki!~ Thank you for swinging by and the compliments!~ ☻ ♥ The kids are all good now except for the scars. >_<

    *purrrr!* thanks again... ♥

  5. Kleeeeng! ♥ mas mosoyoo kung meron tayo nyan! ahahaha ♥ salamat sa visit! ♥

  6. Aww they had chicken pox, but at least they still got to celebrate! All the food looks creepy delicious...and Roca the dog looks super cute in that costume <3 I seriously wish I could have pink hair like yours--but my job won't allow me u__u

  7. Hi, Ms. Audrey! ♥~ They are all better now and back to school again. ^^ Thank you!

  8. Hey, sweetie!~ Aaaaw... Thank you! I'm glad you all liked it! ♥ Honestly, I enjoy having it but not the attention I am getting. >_< People stares at me and sometimes I can hear them whisper to whoever they're with and points at me, saying "Nikki Minaj" with derpy smiles on their faces. It's annoying really. >_<


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